This Christmas greeting comes without reference to Brexit

As a gesture of goodwill, and without any acceptance of liability, on a “without prejudice” basis we extend to you best wishes for the forthcoming winter holiday.  This is on the clear understanding that the wishes are gender neutral and do not imply any discrimination for your personal religious beliefs or if you have none, your lack of them, and further such wishes, should not be considered to reflect the beliefs, or otherwise, of the writer, Lawgistics or anyone working therein.

In addition we trust you may have a fiduciary beneficial relationship with all those you seek to do business with knowing that the wishes come in full and final settlement of this greeting and are made without reference to age, disability, race, gender or sexual orientation.  Notwithstanding the foregoing no inference is intended to discriminate against any pregnancy or maternity matter that could arise by a reference to a virgin or otherwise and such matters should also include, on an equal basis, paternity and/or gender reassignment.

We are aware that some will reap additional holiday pay, shared parental leave and even possibly attend Antenatal classes but in the midst of all merriment remember unless an out of home agreement has been reached with your partner, wife, husband or significant other, then litigation may be the only option if the benefits are not shared on an equal and un-prejudiced basis.

In the event of any gift, benefit or other encumbrance being received which is faulty, defective or otherwise unmerited, please be aware that the first tier rejection under the Consumer Rights Act is time and condition limited and may not provide the resolution you may seek.  The same will apply whether or not the original purchase was an “off premises contract”, an “on premises contract” or a “distance contract”.

Please be aware that should the reading of the aforementioned wishes cause stress or anxiety it should immediately be discontinued and no liability falls on the writer for any subsequential or consequential matters that may arise from it. It is expressly excluded from all provisions of the Human Rights Act which may, or may not, be extant at the aforementioned period.

This greeting comes without reference to Brexit, its consequences, hard, soft, or non-existent as, like the rest of the country we are tired of the ineptitude and complete failure of all, to deal with the issue in a decisive way reflecting the will of the people.

Please also be aware that this message is environmentally friendly and should not be printed unless on second hand or reconstituted paper.

Please note this is our final position and not being a member of an association we do not submit to an alternative dispute resolution procedure operated by an ADR entity.

If you have any questions concerning our 'politically correct' Christmas greeting please leave a comment below or contact Lawgistics on 01480 455500 or alternately “post to Santa!”.

Authors: David Combes

Published: 11 Dec 2018


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(cAse SeNSItivE!)

Gordonlund (13/12/2018)
Very sharp and funny
uniqar (12/12/2018)
just as is the world is today, merry festive season
CSP Knowles (12/12/2018)

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