Lawgistics from the Fens to Ferrari Bangers for BEN 2016

Look it’s like this….you donate money to us. We give it to BEN. They use it to help people. How simple is that? We’re not looking for a fortune from you, but if everyone gave us a few quid, and if the same happened with the other Bangers for Ben teams, then pretty soon we would have a fortune. Take a moment to look at the work BEN does to help people from within our industry.

Help us to help them continue their great work by either visiting our Just Giving page or by texting Lawg94 and the amount (eg £5)  to 70070. A little can go a long way in the right hands.

Please donate whatever you can afford we would like all our members to contribute and at the end we can show how generous the independent car dealers are. The Judge wants you to donate.

Our preparations are nearly complete, the car has been ‘stickered up.’ Mechanically our baby would appear to be sound, everything has been checked, tightened, lubed and serviced and is raring to go.

The gowns have been cleaned, the wigs freshly powdered and my co driver LawJaw has been checked, tightened, lubed and serviced (ooer missus). The adventure begins in little over a week down in Dover, then it’s over the water and away we go.

I personally can’t wait to see everyone old and new and the bangers they will be travelling in, some rapidly some less so. It’s so close I can taste the pasta.

Look out lawbreakers of Europe, here comes the Judge!

They say it’s not a race…..We’ll see.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 30 Sep 2016


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