The Judge says…give us your money

The time for departure is fast approaching. The outfits are in the post. The smell of oil is in the air (at least it is at Monarch Automotive who are doing all the pre rally work on our chariot). The banter is increasing to the verge of personal attacks and we have a car that has not burst into flames (yet). It must be nearly time for Bangers for Ben 2016 in association with Car Dealer magazine.

The cross Europe, in a car worth £750 or less charity rally and insult fest is back and we are ready. Well we will be when we get the Judge’s passport back, oh and the car. The Lawgistics bangers experience started earlier this year with the purchase and untimely destruction of our first vehicle.
As gutted as we were about the loss, we weren’t as gutted as the car was after the fire. It has also given plenty of fuel for the banter we have to suffer from our bangers buddies and they have used that fuel to burn us repeatedly on social media.

But exploding cars, witty banter and personal insults aside there is the serious matter of raising money to help BEN the charity that helps those in need within the motor trade. As well as auctioning off all the cars that take part in the rally (and make it back) with the proceeds going to BEN, we want to raise as much money through sponsorship as possible.

That dear reader is where you come in we need sponsorship, we need money. If everyone who reads this legal update gave us a fiver then we would have a substantial amount that BEN could do some good with.

You can either text:  LAWG94 {the amount eg £5} TO 70070.


Go to our just giving page at and give as much as you can, please.

Please help us, anyone who sponsors us will get a mention within our social media content. Just a few quid can go a long way.

Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 15 Sep 2016


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