The IAAF Pride of the Aftermarket Awards - Your vote really counts

Lawgistics have been shortlisted for the IAAF Pride of the Aftermarket Awards 2020 in the Outstanding Service Member during the COVID-19 crisis category!

These awards have been introduced to reflect the impact the pandemic has had on our industry and recognise contributions made by individual companies and people who have helped the motor trade through this difficult period. Award categories also include: Outstanding Supplier, Outstanding Distributor, Outstanding Service Member, Outstanding Individual and Outstanding Innovation.

We are very honoured to have been nominated for one of these awards and winning would mean a tremendous amount to our team, who have worked long hours and weekends, to keep dealers up to date with the ever moving goal posts. So, if you benefited from any of our advice or updates over the last year, your vote would be hugely appreciated.


Authors: Joel Combes

Published: 16 Nov 2020


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