Driver Options Client Feedback

JT Auto classics UK, Sharnford

"Excellent service and great advice. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone in the motor trade looking to setup an in-house warranty with flexibility built in."
James Baum, Manager - 11/12/2018

High Speed Heroes Ltd, Malvern

"I have been using the Driver administration warranty system for nearly two years and am very happy with it. The portal is easy to use and the staff at Lawgistics have never been anything other than friendly and helpful. I am definitely thousands of pounds better off as the money I have saved by not paying a third party warranty company is far greater than the amount I have spent out in repairs to customer's cars."
Rowan McCann, Director - 12/11/2018

Cherub AV Limited, Earlswood

"The staff at Lawgistics are extremely polite, friendly and helpful. A special mention about our rep Ella, as Ella helps by reminding me to check that we are not running low on the regular products that we like to use & purchase from Lawgistics. We use everything from Trade sale receipts, PDI’s, Deposits receipts, Sales invoices, Warranty booklets, Customer care booklets,  etc etc. My personal favourite is the ‘Your Legal Rights Explained booklets” which we issue at point of deposit or sale. These books give clear information to our customers about customer legal rights and helpful advice. We recently invited Trading standards to our premises & they were really impressed with the Your Legal Rights Explained booklets produced by Lawgistics. I am confident that the Your Legal Rights Explained booklet has reduced our work load & with Lawgistics warranty booklets as well, it offers reassurance to us, just as much as our customers. Thank you Lawgistics team."
Adele Sargeant, Managing Director - 18/10/2018, Buckinghamshire

" We have used the Lawgistics Driver self-aministered warranty product since 2014 and have not looked back since. The used car warranty booklets they provide are very well designed and very clear in their coverage and limits. They also give us an opportunity to have flexible warranty terms as required by individual customers. Using Lawgistics booklets has saved us thousand of pounds over the years and it has also enhanced the satisfaction of our own customers. We genuinely think this is the best all-round warranty solution for a small to medium sized independent dealership."
Nikolay Kumchev, Managing Director - 03/10/2018

John Warren Cars, Codicote

"We moved over to Lawgistics Warranties in 2004 and have never looked back since, very happy with the service."

John Warren, Owner - 04/07/2016

Taylors Pitstop, Surrey

"We have been running our own warranty scheme using Lawgistics Driver options since June 2012 after moving away from an insurance based Warranty supplier. Having control of the Warranties backed by the excellent legal services supplied by Lawgistics, we have not only seen our customer care levels rise but also a marked increase in profits."

Doug Blumsom, Sales Administrator - 30/06/2016

M & K Motors Limited, Preston

"The warranties provide excellent customer protection, they have saved valuable time and money, really good product"
Martin Vernon, Owner - 05/04/2016

Prestige Cars Kent, Kent

"We are already seeing huge savings and we now question what on earth we were worried about. So pleased we made the jump from insurance backed warranties. The ball is now firmly in our court and we can treat our customers properly, something our warranty company was not always doing. Cutting out the middle man means a better deal for both us and our customer."

Joe Chadd, Proprietor - 03/02/2015

Pro Motors, Bournemouth

"I use both Driver Options 1 and 2, I'm really glad I made the move, it's definitely working well for me"

Clyde Piercy - 24/05/2013

Apsley Van Sales, Hemel Hempstead

"We are really happy with the system and would seriously recommend anyone using insurance warranties to look at this alternative option!"

Paul Jones, Managing Director - 24/05/2013

Bognor Garage Car Sales, West Sussex

"We've used the booklets for a number of years and never had any issues. They keep our customers happy as well as looking professional. We will continue to use them many more years as they  work very well for us."

Robert Gill - 07/01/2013

Mutley Car Sales, Devon

"I am very happy with the Driver warranties, thank you Lawgisitcs."

David Tall, Proprietor - 07/01/2013

Bridge Motors (Rickmansworth) Ltd, Herts

"For many years we have used insurance warranties and spent a fortune. We're a small garage and the Driver Warranties have worked out really cost effective for us. We rarely get any come backs."

Andrew Jones, Sales Manager - 07/01/2013

Jeremy Round Cars Ltd, Worcestershire

"Brilliant system that is easy to manage and has definitely increased my profit per vehicle." 

Jeremy Round, Owner - 07/01/2013

Peter Watson (Skipton) Ltd, Yorkshire

"The Driver Warranties work very well for us. No more waiting around for inspections or engineer reports like we had to with insurance warranties. It's definitely beneficial for our clients."

Robert Watson - 07/01/2013

Breakspear Car Sales, Middlesex

"I give away a Driver Warranty to all my customers as it gives them peace of mind and helps me to close the deal. If a customer has an issue with the vehicle, they can quickly see whether it's covered or not, which helps to cut down on people trying to claim for anything and everything."

Stephen Timms, Proprietor - 07/11/2012

Nick Cartwright Specialist Cars, Derbyshire

"We have been selling used Ferrari for many years and have verbally warranted our stock for some time. However, we really needed to draw up some written T and C's and Lawgistics warranty booklets were just the job. They look professional and are very well designed."

Ben Cartwright, Partner - 06/11/2012

Riverside Garage, Cornwall

"A client was trying to make an unreasonable claim from France and the terms and conditions of the warranty booklet helped protect us."

Dave Welch, Proprietor - 06/11/2012

Hallmark Cars, Dorset

"I have my warranty booklets personalised and they are excellent. I've been in the motor trade for 25 years and wish I had done it years ago as it would have saved me a lot of money. I have had no problems and would recommend them to anyone selling used cars. They're great!"

Simon Holmes, Proprietor - 06/11/2012

Glews Garage, East Yorkshire

"We have used Lawgistics Warranty Booklets for over 5 years and since leaving the Network Q used warranty scheme running our own warranties has worked extremely well!"

Graham Andrews, Director - 05/11/2012

Cannock Road Garages, Wolverhampton

"The booklets work really well."

Mike Leaver, Sales Manager - 27/01/2012

Crosspoint Motor Company, Leciestershire

"I use the administration scheme with Lawgistics and I'm very happy with it. The Driver and Driver Plus coverage provides a good opportunity to up-sell. I like the fact that the books are flexible and provides customers with peace of mind that the warranty is fully backed by ourselves."

Tony King, Director - 25/01/2012

Hitchin Motorcare Ltd, Herts

"I have my own workshop on site, so it makes logical sense to do my own warranty. The customised booklets look professional and they encourage my clients to return as they know they will not have a problem when trying to make a claim on the warranty."

John Cross, Partner - 23/01/2012

Helix Car Sales, Essex

"Driver Administration is a really straight forward system, we have never had any problems with it."
Steve, Proprietor - 23/01/2012

Triple M Vehicle Sales, Barnsley

"I use the Driver Warranty Books as they provide me with the best protection and seem to make my customers happy."
Mark Mallender, Owner - 23/01/2012

Britannia Motor Sales, West Midlands

"The books suit me, I used to use Insurance warranties but they didn't cover anything, this works better for me as customers come back to me and they are happy as there arent any arguments over what is covered."
David Leaver, Proprietor - 23/01/2012

Country Car, Warwickshire

"They work incredibly well, Ive used the booklets for many years and ive never had a problem with them"
Martin Holton, Owner - 23/01/2012

Smiths Independent BMW Specialists, Flint

"The booklets provide us with extra protection and it gives the clients something formal"
Bill Smith, Owner - 23/01/2012

Select First Motorhomes, Kent

"Being in control of your own warranty fund helps to keep customers satisfied."
Graham Marchant, Proprietor - 20/01/2012

Seward, Dorset

"We have been using the Lawgistics warranty administration scheme for 9 months and already saved over £80,000! The scheme allows us to incorporate our 5 sites effectively and ensure every vehicle we sell has a comprehensive warranty cover. The claims helpline staff have been both knowledgeable and helpful. We are very pleased with the service."
Vince Courtney, Managing Director - 20/01/2012

Burnout Bikes, Wiltshire

"Easy, straightforward, black and white"
Clint Courtnadge, Proprietor - 18/01/2012

M T M Motors, Devon

"No problems at all - I actually find that I have less problems with the books, even though it is my own warranty rather than an insurance warranty"
Mark Diton, Proprietor - 18/01/2012

GP Cars, Hertfordshire

"The Driver Warranty booklet is very handy, it is a useful document"
Steve, Warranty Manager - 18/01/2012

Port Road Garage, Cumbria

"The Driver Warranties are good as they show my clients what is covered. Due to these I have few comebacks."

Paul Pieri - 18/01/2012

Inverness Car Company Ltd, Inverness

"Our warranty costs have been reduced since using the books."

Donnie Hossack, Proprietor - 18/01/2012

Norfolk Motor Company, Norfolk

"The decision to move to Lawgistics has definitely saved our company money; in addition, their experience in the automotive field has been an asset on many levels. Highly recommended."

Grant Long, Managing Director - 09/11/2011

Town Car Sales, Kent

"Value for money, efficient, knowledgeable, competent and helpful"
Daniel Brillus, Partner - 14/09/2011

Michael Edwards Car Sales, Wigan

"Driver Options has helped me save a large percentage of the money I previously spent on insurance warranties. The call centre staff are brilliant and I love the email updates they send me when handling a claim."
Mike Styles - 14/09/2011

Cambridge Car Company, Cambridgshire

"We are very happy with Driver Options. It's easy to use and we like the regular email updates regarding claims. We have had no problems with the scheme"
Rachel Samways - 13/06/2011

Car Studio, Hertfordshire

"I am very happy with the warranty administration service. It has given me the confidence to underwrite my own stock and with time, I know the system will work successfully for my business"
Leon Fehr, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

A G Motors (Oldham) Ltd, Lancashire

"Overall I am happy, I like the fact the warranty books are sent out each month"
Scott, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

Ginjin Motor Company, Hampshire

"I am very happy with the system"
George, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

German Marques Ltd, Gloucestershire

"We are new clients, pleased with everything so far. The online warranty management account is easy to use and all seems to be running smoothly "

Aarron Newell - 13/06/2011

First Point Motors, Northamptonshire

"I have spoken to my customers and they like the warranty.They feel it is clear to see whats covered and what to do when making a claim"
Danielle, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

Reed Autos, Cambridgeshire

"The system is working very well for us"
Peter, Sales Manager - 13/06/2011

Small Car Company, Gloucestershire

"We prepare all our  vehicles to a high standard and rarely made claims against our insurance warranties. Sadly, on the odd occasions we did make a claim, we found the warranty company quite often rejected it. Driver Options saved us £13,000 in the first year and now gives us total control of claims. We are able to look after customers as individuals"
Colin North, Owner - 13/06/2011

Wordsley Motor Company, West Midlands

"In our first year trading we spent £27,000 on branded insurance warranties. We worked out how little our customers claimed and decided to start running our own warranties with Driver Options.We haven't had any problems switching from insurance warranties, it's easy and costs about a third of what it used to. I wish I'd done it from day one."
Neil Coleman, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

Jubilee Cars, Cheshire

"We are very happy with Driver Options and the way it works for us"
Ken, Sales Manager - 13/06/2011

A W Autos, Oxfordshire

"Everything is in order, it is a fantastic system. The call centre is great!"
Alan Windebank, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

West Car Sales, Kent

"Although our verbal warranty worked well I knew that we needed to get something in writing. The Driver warranty booklets have been fantastic and they make it very easy to sell up. We took an extra £4500 in our first month"
Andrew - 13/06/2011

L G Car Sales, Cambridgeshire

"Generally happy, I really want to make a go of the system"
Alex, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

Car Superstore, Isle of Man

"Very happy with everything"
Rob Thompson, Sales manager - 13/06/2011

Water End Cars, Bedfordshire

"I am very happy with everything about the warranty administration service. I was previously with a well known insurance warranty company but eventually parted ways to join Lawgistics and haven't looked back since. We saved around £5000 in the first year! We would and have recommended Lawgistics to all the car dealers we know"
David Burgoine, Proprietor - 13/06/2011

Town Car Sales, Enfield

"All claims are handled very well by the call centre, they are brilliant. We have a good relationship as they are prompt to respond and know what they are talking about. We work very well together"
Lynn - 13/06/2011