Further changes to County Court Fees

County Court fees are on the rise again!  It seems these will mainly affect claims over £10,000, as the fee will now be in the form of a percentage of the total claim rather than a fixed fee. The table below demonstrates the new structure now in place.

Claim amount

Sending form to court centre

Money Claim Online

Up to £300



£300.01 to £500



£500.01 to £1,000



£1,000.01 to £1,500



£1,500.01 to £3,000



£3,000.01 to £5,000



£5,000.01 to £10,000



£10,000.01 to £100,000

5% of the value of the claim

4.5% of the value of the claim

£100,000.01 to £200,000

5% of the value of the claim

Can’t using MCOL

Over £200 000

£10 000

Can’t using MCOL

This will of course have a knock on effect to defendants, as they will have to reimburse any fees a successful claimant has paid. This could become costly for all dealers, but might be a brake on claimants to ensure they stay under the £10,000 mark, to avoid these higher fees.



Published: 12 May 2015


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