Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Survey

The office for National Statistics have recently sent out a survey for Low Carbon and Renewable Energy, as this is being sent out to over 40,000 business some of you have already been contacting us with queries regarding this.

The survey is to gather information regarding which sectors of the green economy your business is active in and the value of the business in those sectors. The information is used by the Department of Energy and Climate change, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as the Scottish and Welsh Government.

The survey is conducted under the Statistics of Trade Act 1947 so if you receive the survey, you are required by law to complete it.

Is it applicable to your business?

  • Yes, if you deal with low emission vehicles and have specific technology that helps to significantly reduce or remove’s emissions. This includes   hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Yes, if you deal with installation of infrastructure to support the above types of vehicles.
  • Yes, if your business designs, manufactures and installation of energy storage systems such as fuel cells, batteries and flywheel energy storage

The survey excludes:

  • The design and manufacture of fuel cells
  • Any small efficiency improvements such as body work or aerodynamics
  • LPG and compressed natural gas

If none of the above is applicable to your business, you will need to complete the bottom section of page 5 to state that it is not applicable to your business.

The return date for the survey is the 15th May 2015

Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 04 Mar 2015


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