No need to produce insurance document when taxing vehicle and SORN change

Recently it was announced that there will be, starting in October 2014, the beginning of no tax discs in windscreens.  In a more rapidly introduced change (Monday 16 Dec) there is now no need to locate and produce an insurance document whilst renewing car tax in the post office. Checks will be made electronically on an insurance database held by the DVLA.

The writer’s personal view is that car tax should be scrapped entirely.  A far greater way of raising income by the Government would be to make it compulsory for every consumer to have to pay a levy  each and every time the Citizens’ Advice Bureau declare a car to be defective (regardless of age, price, mileage or how long it is since purchase).

On a less tongue in cheek development: where a vehicle is declared SORN there is also now no need to have to annually declare it as such.  Once declared SORN it remains as such until taxed.  Over 4 million declared SORN last year, 1 million were renewals.  

Published: 06 Jan 2014


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