Report a friend for £200

A seasonal initiative from West Midlands Police is for people to report a friend who has been drink-driving and, if that person is arrested and prosecuted then the “friend” who reported them could receive a £200 reward.

The report that I read though is written a way that has him puzzled.   For it states that the person doing the reporting could receive rewards “up to” £200.  Is this careless wording, or is the full award of £200 dependent on some “terms and conditions”?  Is it dependent perhaps on the penalty imposed?  What if the individual is prosecuted but is found not guilty?  From the wording, a reward is due upon prosecution and not upon successful prosecution.

Not that I’m trivialising drink-driving in any way whatsoever – it causes devastation and that is not to be overlooked at all.   What I’m questioning is the journalism.  For the report also went onto say that “People can make the call anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and, in cases where offenders are arrested and prosecuted, they could earn rewards of up to £200”.  How can a person who has made an anonymous complaint make a claim for the reward?  Should this have read “people can make a complaint in confidence”............?

Published: 09 Dec 2013


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