New Tribunal Procedure Regulations COME INTO FORCE NEXT WEEK.

The government have revised the Employment Tribunal Procedure Rules once again.

The new rules seem to be focused on the changes in procedure in relation to the new fee system, due to commence from 29 July 2013:

As there are number of changes to take in, we will over the coming weeks be informing you of all the key changes in manageable chunks.

1.    Fees and Forms:

A new ET1 and ET3 are to come into place but this has not been detailed in the new procedure rules. Hope will be that something will be put into action soon to accommodate the additional requirement that will need to detail on the form.

However the emphasis in the rules is that the ET1 must be submitted with the appropriate fee. If the wrong fee is submitted the ET1 form will be rejected and returned to the Claimant (Rule 11). They will then have to resubmit the form to the Tribunal. This will of course take additional time, which will eat into the Claimant's three month deadline to submit their claim. It may lead to some claims being out of time.

Hearing fees will need to be paid, again by a prescribed deadline set out in the hearing notice. If the Claimant fails to pay them by the deadline the Tribunal will write to the Claimant, giving them one final chance to pay. If this deadline is missed, their claim will be dismissed.

Published: 23 Jul 2013


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