Government Fit for Work service is to cease

In December 2014, the government launched the Fit for Work scheme which was a service designed to assist both employers and employees by providing advice on return to work issues after periods of absence due to sickness.

However, the statistics show there was only 650 referrals per month in England and Wales which when compared to the forecasted figure of 34,000 is minimal. Scotland figures showed only 100 referrals per month with the compared 4,200 forecasted.

A survey which was conducted by £GP Magazine” showed 65% of GPs had not referred a single patient to the Fit for Work service.

Due to such low referral rated it has now been announced that from the 31st March 2018 in England and Wales, the Fit for Work assessment service will cease. Scotland will also follow with a later date of 31st May 2018.

But… employers and employees can still seek advice from the Fit for Work helpline and website for workplace health advice and support.


Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 21 Feb 2018


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