Workshop Controllers

(This role is often combined with that of Workshop Manager)
1. To ensure that adequate supplies of manufacturers maintenance worksheets are available to the Technicians. A copy of the appropriate page from the ICME manual must be provided where no such schedule is available.

2. To issue a company job card for every job, giving customer and vehicle information together with the customer’s exact requirement. Must identify any instructions that are unclear, and, where, necessary, refer to the Quality Controller for further diagnosis.

3. Where necessary, attach to the job card relevant maintenance worksheet or check list for completion by the Technicians. A worksheet must be provided for all routine service operations.

4. To allocate work, as appropriate, to Technicians who possess the necessary knowledge or skills.

5. To liaise with and assist Technicians, as appropriate, regarding product knowledge, fitting procedures and company instructions, and to supervise and maintain a quality orientated environment.

6. To review and liaise with Reception in respect of any add-on work indicated by the Technicians. Must ensure that the customer is telephoned by Reception immediately for approval and that no work is commenced until so authorised. Must pass on such authority to the Technicians by signing against each approved item of the job card.

7. To receive all job cards and worksheets to ensure that each is correctly completed and signed by the Technicians.

8. To ensure that the Quality Controller signs the maintenance/service check sheet as having completed the appropriate road test and quality control checks.

9. To ensure that parts are only issued in accordance with company procedures against a valid current job card.

10. To ensure that all parts drawn from store are fitted, or if defective or not required, are returned to store for credit.

11. To ensure that all parts removed and replaced during routine maintenance are retained for the customer, if so requested on collection of the vehicle.

12. Must keep themselves abreast of all technical and legal matters in relation to the products serviced or repaired. In particular:

• be conversant with legal implications arising from vehicle maintenance;
• be aware of all technical operations, use support information as necessary, and refer to the Workshop Manager in all cases of uncertainty.
• Read all updating technical information made available by the company;
• Read and adhere to the overall company Quality Control system relating to service operations.

13. To ensure that all relevant technical material is maintained and updated, and is made available to Technicians at all times.

14. All work must be undertaken in a professional and competent manner, and in accordance with the policy and instructions of the company. The Workshop Manager must be consulted in all instances of uncertainty regarding technical procedures or company policy.

15. The company’s disciplinary procedures will be invoked where these instructions are not followed.