Visits by Trading Standards Officers and Other Enforcement Agencies

The company will be visited, from time to time, by a number of officials from enforcement agencies. These visits, where announced, will either be merely routine or alternatively investigative. On either occasion the following approach should be adopted:
1. When they have announced who they are immediately invite them into a suitable office or area away from the sales area. Be polite and courteous. If appropriate offer them refreshment and then refer them to the appropriate manager. Do Not enter into meaningful discussion or attempt to answer their questions. It is NOT your job and you CANNOT speak on behalf of the company.

2. The manager shall satisfy himself of the officer’s credentials and then seek to provide every assistance where appropriate.

3. If the officer informs you that he suspects an offence may have been committed then he is entitled to examine and seize certain documents which he may believe are required as evidence in any proceedings. Refer to your Lawgistics Trading Standards Law Manual for trading officers powers or ring Lawgistics on 01480 455500. Remember that to refuse him access to the documents he has power to inspect may leave you open to the allegations of obstruction.

You MUST make a note of the officer’s name and contact point together with details of the alleged offence. Ask him to put in writing the exact details/documentation that he requires.

4. If he further advises that an offence has been committed and wants to carry out an interview with a representative of the company then take details of the alleged offence and immediately refer it to the appropriate Manager. Do NOT enter into dialogue yourself. You are not authorised to speak on behalf of the company. If in doubt, ring Lawgistics. Under no circumstances should an interview be carried out immediately. These situations are always complex and sufficient time is needed to investigate and to obtain the relevant documentation.