Vehicle Roadworthiness

It is Company Policy not to sell any vehicle to a customer, which is in an Unroadworthy condition. All vehicles for eventual sale to a prospective customer will be inspected and appraised by the Director/Partner/Proprietor or their nominee prior to the vehicle being offered for sale and it will not be supplied for sale or used on the road unless it is in a roadworthy condition and fit for the purpose of safely being driven on the highway.

If a vehicle is to be taken for a test-drive along the highway every precaution must be taken to ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition. Tyres and braking systems should be checked and where necessary changed or adjusted prior to the vehicle being offered for sale.

Where any vehicle is purchased, by part exchange or otherwise, and it is clear that it fails to meet the standards set out above then the following action should be taken:

a) The vehicle will, wherever practical, be set apart from the other vehicles whilst its disposal in the trade is arranged. It must not, under any circumstances, be sold or advertised for sale to a member of the public.

b) When such a vehicle is disposed the Lawgistics Unroadworthy Vehicle Documentation shall be used and completed in full with the necessary signatures obtained.

c) Under NO circumstances shall a test-drive be given/allowed on the highway.

d) The vehicle must be transported from the premises and that is the responsibility of the purchaser.