Valeting and Display

The display of vehicles on a site is the first point of contact with the customers at large and it is also one of the most vulnerable times for the dealer. Each vehicle describes itself and even when the site is closed any misdescription on the vehicle is potential disaster waiting to happen.

These instructions are therefore key to the legal well-being of the company and must be followed in every occasion. They may only be varied by the express instruction of the Directors/Partners or Proprietor.

a) It is the responsibility of the person taking in a part exchange or purchasing a vehicle to ensure that all the badging, engine capacity and description, vehicle features and accessories, and any other description corresponds with the V5 and any description given. In the event of any non-compliance action shall be taken to rectify the non-conformity PRIOR to it being offered for sale.

b) It is the responsibility of ALL employees to be alert to any apparent nonconformity and to report the same immediately it is noticed.

c) It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the relevant staff place an approved disclaimer on the vehicleís dashboard over or in close proximity to the odometer reading prior to it being placed on display or being offered for sale and that a relevant entry be made in the mileage disclaimer register.

d) It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that an approved disclaimer is placed over or in close proximity to the odometer reading BEFORE showing the vehicle to a customer or placing it on display.

e) If a disclaimer is not so affixed then any person identifying this noncompliance shall immediately apply one and make an entry in the mileage disclaimer register to that effect.

f) The ONLY exception to the above is where the vehicle has had its previous history checked with all previous owners and the written record confirms that it is correct. In such circumstances the manager may remove the disclaimer and advise all staff accordingly. No other person is authorised to remove the disclaimer, which should be on the vehicle at all times until supplied to a customer. Where a disclaimer is so removed an endorsement to that effect shall be made in the mileage disclaimer register.

g) It is the managerís responsibility to ensure that a mileage disclaimer register is set up and maintained, detailing the affixing and/or removal of mileage disclaimers on vehicles offered for sale.

h) It is the managerís responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient supply of the approved disclaimer available for use.

i) It is the managerís responsibility to ensure that an approved wall mileage disclaimer is prominently displayed in the area where any customer transaction may be made.

j) No written description shall be applied to a vehicle by means of any in-house advertisement, windscreen sticker, point of sale material or by any other means unless it has been approved by the manager and any description or statement has been checked and/or supported by written factual information.

k) The manager shall ensure that all vehicles have their selling price clearly displayed and where there has been a price reduction that previous price had been offered for 28 consecutive days in the previous six months.

l) All new vehicles shall have the statutory fuel consumption figures conspicuously displayed on the vehicle or displayed in close proximity to it.

m) All vehicles shall be checked against company records to see if any information is held that would verify or otherwise any description applied to them. In particular workshop records shall be checked to ensure that the mileage displayed is consistent with the records kept and no new odometer has been fitted.