Telephone Communications

When the telephone rings there are two things that you do not know.

a) Who is calling – it could be a prospective customer OR
- It could be a Trading Standards Officer checking on what descriptions are being given.


b) What vehicle they are calling on

- as there are likely to have a number in stock act professionally – DO NOT GUESS – take their name and number – get the vehicle file and call them back.
- Do not rely on your memory – read from the file and only give information that is supported by other documentation.

If the enquirer asks about a vehicle mileage remember that you “speak as an expert” and if you say “the recorded mileage is 34,000” you are in effect saying that you guarantee the mileage at 34,000. The correct answer would be “The previous customer has warranted it to us at 34,000 we have no reason to doubt this but we are in the process of checking it out. You should disregard it and judge the vehicle on its condition”.