1. Will be responsible for all jobs authorised and allocated to them personally by the Workshop Controller, including those where assistance is received from other Technicians or trainees.

2. Will obtain from the Workshop Controller a company job card for every job, detailing customer and vehicle information together with the customer’s exact requirements. No work should be commenced without the relevant job card.

3. When servicing any vehicle, must obtain from the Workshop Controller the correct maintenance worksheet. This schedule must be completed and ticked as each service/repair item is carried out.

4. All service jobs must be carried out in accordance with the maintenance worksheet.

5. Car protection kits must be used in all cases and should be left in the vehicle.

6. Will only use specialist service equipment, such as lifts, ramps, special tools, diagnostic and calibration machines, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and company instructions. Unsafe or defective equipment must be reported to the Quality Controller immediately.

7. Must make full use of special tools and equipment. All ‘prints’ from diagnostic and calibration equipment must be attached to the relevant job card.

8. Will only fit parts and accessories as authorised by the company and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.

9. Will only draw parts from store against a valid and current job card. All parts must be fitted, or if defective or not required, returned to store for credit. Under NO circumstances must a customer be charged for any parts not fitted.

10. Stock vehicles must not be cannibalised to substitute for non-available parts unless authorised by the Workshop Controller.

11. It is company policy that all parts removed and replaced during routine maintenance are offered to the customer. All parts must, therefore, be retained pending hand-back to the customer or as otherwise authorised by the Workshop Controller.

12. Must immediately inform the Workshop Controller of any add-on work necessary on current jobs. Such work should be noted on the job card and must not be commenced until authorised by the Workshop Controller.

13. Upon completion of all jobs, must sign the job card, together with any attached service schedule, as confirmation that all specified work has been undertaken.

The job card must then be passed to the Workshop Controller.

14. Must keep themselves abreast of all technical and legal matters in relation to the products services of repaired in particular:

• be conversant with the legal implications arising from vehicle maintenance;
• be aware of all technical operations, use support information as necessary, and refer to the Quality Controller in all cases of uncertainty;
• read all updating technical information made available to them by the Quality
• read and adhere to the overall company Quality Control system relating to service operations.

15. All work must be undertaken in a professional and competent manner, and in accordance with the policy and instructions of the Company. The Quality
Controller must be consulted in all instances of uncertainty regarding technical procedures or company policy.

16. The company’s disciplinary procedures will be invoked where these instructions are not followed.