Recommendations for Future Work

Whilst recommendations provide an ongoing source of work any statement made must be accurate and reflect a true and honest assessment of the situation.

Each of the following areas of work have been identified as key and the procedures outlined below must be used on every occasion.

1. Brakes

No recommendations relating to the Braking System shall be given unless and until a Brake Test Report has been completed and any findings reported, a second opinion from a suitably qualified technician has been sought, and the recommendations endorsed.

When determining the % or extent of use remaining on a vehicles braking system the brake pads shall be measured for thickness and this compared with the Manufacturers Brake Parts Listing. Under no circumstances should the thickness or % be guessed. It must, at all times, be measured.

2. Tyres Tread and Quality

Any recommendation relating to type replacement must be based on fact. The tread should be measured and recorded and any recommendations based on that measurement. Where the recommendation is based on any lump, bump or abrasion this should be documented and shown to the customer. Any price quoted for replacement should identify any charge for valve, balancing or carcase disposal.