1. Will be responsible for taking customer orders, recording exactly what the customer is requesting and confirming it back to the customer.

2. Will use menu price lists/ICME manuals to determine the price for the work.

3. Will provide the customer with an estimate/quotation for the work as appropriate recording on the work order the amount, whether it is an estimate/quotation, and how the customer is to pay, settling up any account details as necessary.

4. Will determine whether the customer requires a loan car.

5. Will make an appointment for the customer to have the work done and take contact telephone numbers.

6. Will transfer the work details to a Job Card and will arrange for the customer to sign in confirmation when delivering the vehicle.

7. Will carry out follow up calls with the customer if further work is necessary/advised and will record the time date of the call and identity of the person so authorising.

8. Will deal with invoicing and payment when the vehicle is collected as well as handback of bagged parts if so requested by the customer.