Quality Controller

1. To assist the Workshop Controller or Reception, as necessary, in the diagnosis of customer complaints and problems.

2. To liaise with and assist Technicians, as appropriate, as regarding product knowledge and fitting procedures.

3. To road-test every vehicle on completion of repair work, where appropriate to ensure that it is in a safe condition and that all specified work has been satisfactorily undertaken.

4. To conduct the following quality control checks on ALL completed vehicles subject to a service operation:

• Selecting a duplicate form of the check sheet used by the Technician, establish the number of individual items of work carried out for the service/repair.
• Using Form QC2 establish the number of items to be sampled.
• Select at random that sample number of items and check them ensuring that different items are selected for each subsequent Q.C. check.
• Tick the items checked, carry out a road test, and then sign and date the check sheet confirming the check has been carried out.
• Return the completed check sheet to the Workshop Controller for filing.

5. To report to the Workshop Manager weekly on Form QC3 regarding the number of vehicles checked for each Technician and comments concerning each Technicians performance.

6. Following satisfactory completion of the road test and quality control checks, to sign each job card and pass it to the Workshop Controller. Any remedial work necessary by the Technician must be re-checked before the job is approved.

7. To be responsible for the maintenance, control and replacement of service equipment such as lifts, ramps, hose reels, special tools and diagnostic/calibration machines. To keep such a logbook of the testing of such equipment, which must be carried out to a regular and fixed maintenance and certification schedule.

8. At the start of each week, to ensure that all such service equipment is operating in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and recommendations. Equipment found to be inaccurate or unsafe must immediately be reported to the appropriate service agent.

9. Must keep abreast all technical and legal matters in relation to the products services or repaired. In particular:

• be conversant with the legal implications arising from vehicle maintenance;
• be aware of all technical operations, use support information as necessary, and refer to the Workshop Controller or Workshop Manager in all cases of uncertainty;
• read all updating technical information made available by the company;
• read and adhere to the overall company Quality Control system relating to service operations.

10. All work must be undertaken in a professional and competent manner, and in accordance with the policy and instructions of the company. The Workshop Controller or Workshop Manager must be consulted in all instances of uncertainty regarding technical procedures or company policy.

11. The company’s disciplinary procedures will be invoked where those instructions are not followed.