Mileage Checks

Every vehicle intended for retail sale shall immediately upon purchase, have an enquiry into the vehicle’s history initiated.

Whilst this check is being carried out a disclaimer shall, at all times, be placed on the vehicle dashboard obscuring or in close proximity to the mileage reading.

The person affixing a mileage disclaimer shall endorse the mileage disclaimer register to that effect.

Where and unless the enquiry confirms the accuracy of the mileage the disclaimer shall remain affixed as detailed above.
Where an enquiry shows that the mileage is incorrect and the vehicle is still in stock then the disclaimer shall be replaced by one, which indicates that the mileage is incorrect and the information received should be made available to prospective purchasers.

When an enquiry shows that the mileage is incorrect but the vehicle has already been sold then it is left to the discretion of the manager as to the action to be taken. If the company procedures have been followed then the mileage indicator will have been negated by the disclaimer and no offence will have been committed. Equally as there has been no description there can be no misdescription and the customer cannot reject the vehicle.