Instructions to Managers

1. It is the managerís responsibility to implement and apply the Company Policies, Procedures and Instructions in full and at all times. They are also responsible for updating and implementing any change as directed by the Directors/Partners or Proprietor.

2. It is the managerís responsibility to ensure that all staff under his control are aware of, understand and apply the Companyís Policy, Procedure and Instructions in full and at all times and that they are updated and available for staff use.

3. It is the managerís responsibility to ensure that

i. There are adequate supplies of company documentation available for use, and that all staff are completing the documentation in full on every occasion and that each document, where required, is signed by the customer/salesman.

ii. The customer receives copies of the relevant signed contract documentation.

iii. The Company Policies and Procedures in respect of mileage disclaimers and mileage checks are fully implemented on all vehicles on display.

iv. All staff, current and future, have or will read, the Lawgistics Trading Standards and Consumer Law Manuals, Company Policy, Procedures and Instructions and have understood and endorsed to confirm the same.

v. The Company forms and records required by the Directors, Partner or Proprietor shall be maintained in full and kept on the Company premises for the requisite period.

vi. Every vehicle is checked to ensure that its description that is applied both on the vehicle, point of sale material, advertisement, documentation, web site, vehicle file and any stock list is accurate and supported and in compliance with Company Policy, Procedures and Instructions. Such checks shall include a check on the price and application of an approved mileage disclaimer positioned in close proximity to the mileage reading.

vii. A mileage disclaimer register is set up and maintained detailing the affixing and/or removal of a mileage disclaimer on vehicles offered for sale.