Hand Over Procedures

It is essential that you have a clear and structural Hand Over Procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that all the terms and conditions are met, the part exchange vehicle has been properly described, all the documentation completed and signed, and the customer has been given all the necessary information and is fully conversant with the vehicle’s controls and performance prior to taking it onto the highway. The following procedure shall be adhered to at all times:

1. The customer must provide the V5 and other service history and supporting documentation, if any, prior to hand over.

2. These documents shall be checked against the vehicle to ensure that it has been properly described. In particular check the number of owners, date of registration and ensure that the customer verifies the mileage whilst in his possession.

3. A final check shall be made on all the company’s documentation to ensure that it is completed in full, the descriptions are accurate and can be supported and that all the documentation has been signed and dated. All necessary funding should be cleared at this point.

4. The vehicle’s controls and performance characteristics must be shown to the customer and any special instructions e.g. (unleaded fuel) be provided. A handbook on the vehicle, if available should be supplied with the vehicle.

5. Any discrepancies found or queries raised shall immediately be drawn to the attention of the manager who will rectify the situation.