Face-to-Face Communication

In face-to-face communications there are always two problem areas.

What is said by the Salesperson
What is heard by the prospective customer.

If you get the first right it reduces the risk of the second.

You must always be honest and truthful and provide the information to the prospective customer as supported fact and not inspired guesswork. Any description you give or imply is capable of giving rise to a prosecution if it is wrong. You must check all descriptions for their accuracy before using them with a customer.

Mileage is a particular problem and if you indicate that the mileage is correct then that will override the precautions already taken with the disclaimer sticker and leave you and the company vulnerable.

Beware also about stating that the vehicle has not sustained accident damage unless you can be sure that it is true. You can quote a third party, i.e. HPI, provided you make it clear what is the source of that information.