Completion of Work

1. On receipt of the job card and documentation provided the technician shall complete the task to the best of his ability taking all due care to ensure that all aspects of the work allocated are completed to a satisfactory and acceptable standard.

2. In the event of any aspect of the job being outside his capability or knowledge he shall immediately inform the Workshop Controller who will provide the necessary expertise or assistance or reallocate the job.

3. The technician shall only use the parts provided and drawn from the Parts Department (new unless agreed otherwise). Where they are of the opinion that they are unsuited for the job, not fit for the purpose, or of unsatisfactory quality they shall immediately draw this to the attention of the Workshop Controller.

4. Only tools and equipment provided or approved by the company shall be used within the workshop. Where there is any doubt as to their safety, accuracy or suitability they shall immediately be referred to the Workshop Controller.

5. Any parts taken from the vehicle shall be placed in a marked container or bag and kept available for the customer until the vehicle has been returned and the customer offered the opportunity to view or have the parts.

6. After each item within the service schedule has been satisfactorily completed the technician shall so indicate on the Schedule Check List provided. When all items have been completed the form shall be signed by the technician carrying out the work and returned to the Workshop Controller.

In the event of any item not being completed or additional work being required the form shall be endorsed accordingly and these matters drawn to the Workshop Controllerís attention.

Where any work relates to any part of the braking system of the vehicle an additional Brake Test Report shall be completed. Prior to any additional work being reported a second opinion from a suitably qualified technician shall be sought and the recommendations endorsed.

7. On receipt of the documentation the Workshop Controller shall pass the relevant information on to the Reception for invoicing and to the Quality Control Inspector for inclusion within his programme

8. In the event of additional work being required the customer shall be contacted, the problem identified and an indication of any additional cost and / or time given. The customer will then be given an opportunity to authorise the additional work. The customerís response shall be indicated on the job card together with the time and date of the conversation and the person with whom the customer had contact.