Business Administration

Business/Company Name - It is essential that each business has a clear Business/Company name and identifies any additional trade name that may be used e.g. Company Name - Lawgistics Ltd

- Name in advertisements - Lawgistics
- Name on promotional material - Lawgistics (Peugeot) or Lawgistics (Vauxhall)

Step 1
Identify your Business/Company Name and its Registered Office or principal place of business.

Step 2
Identify each and every trade name that may be used.

Step 3
Ensure that the Company name and Registered office OR the names of the Proprietor or Partners together with an address for the service of documents is conspicuously placed
a) On the premises in a position where a prospective customer has access.
b) On all documentation provided as part of a transaction to the customer in particular any Order Form, Invoice or Headed Paper.

It is the responsibility of the Company Secretary or a nominated partner or the Proprietor to ensure that this task is completed.