Terms and Conditions

1. Legal Helpline and Casework Service

The Legal Helpline and Casework Service is a telephone / e-mail / fax advice and assistance service on matters relating to Trading Standards, Law, Consumer Law, Employment Law, Health and Safety Law and VAT Law.

The Legal Helpline is open for advice 0900 to 1700, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

At times of peak demand an adviser may not be available to respond immediately. In such a case if contact details are left with reception an adviser will call back at the earliest opportunity, subject to other client priorities in respect of legal time limits.

Whilst every effort will be made to respond to casework requirements promptly, time is not of the essence in respect of the service and it will be at Lawgistics discretion only, what priority is given to dealing with such responses. There are occasions when, due to legal time limits or in emergency situations, casework may not be handled in the order it is received. In addition Lawgistics reserves the right to refuse to action casework when the supply of necessary documentation / information has been unreasonably delayed by the client.

The Legal Helpline and Casework Service is only available to the proprietor / owner of the client business in the case of Employment Law matters unless further employees have been nominated in writing or by e-mail to receive such service.

Where a client becomes involved in legal proceedings including employment tribunals, Lawgistics will not represent or go on Court / Tribunal records as acting for the client. The client will act as litigant in person unless an alternative legal representative is appointed. The role of Lawgistics will be to assist the client in their responses or requests during the course of the proceedings, as requested by the client. In respect of certain types of proceedings Lawgistics may recommend the use of alternative professionals to best serve the interests of clients and reserve the right to refuse to assist in the process of such proceedings in whole or in part.

The Legal Helpline and Casework Service is only available to those clients who have pre-paid their annual subscription for such service whether in whole or in part on agreed payment terms.

Where Lawgistics has issued advice to clients via literature, telephone, e-mail, fax or website and the client incurs loss and/or damage as a result of failing to take that advice then Lawgistics accept no liability for such an occurrence.

A case means ongoing communication, after the first communication, to a third party.
Basic Membership 'Pay On Use' Legal Helpline and Casework Service is charged in 6 minute units at £20 + VAT per unit and invoiced at the end of each calendar month for the total charge.

2. Lawgistics Stationery/Warranties/Document Downloads from Website (collectively known as "Lawgistics documents")

Unless agreed by separate licence contracts, Lawgistics owns the copyright in Lawgistics documents produced by Lawgistics. Lawgistics may exercise all or any legal remedies including injunctions to restrain unauthorised use of its intellectual property within but not limited to Lawgistics documentation.

From time to time Lawgistics will, in the best interests of clients, and as a result of changes in the law, amend the content of Lawgistics documents. Lawgistics accept no liability for loss incurred arising from use of such out of date material.

A customer / client who agrees to purchase Lawgistics documents shall not acquire ownership (title) to such material unless and until any purchase price is paid in full and such funds are cleared.

3. Training

If cancellation is received 7 or less days before the course, then the full fee is payable, if 8-21 days before the course, then 50% of the fee is payable, and if more than 21 days before the course, then the full fee will be returned.

4. Payment

Payment to subscribe to the Legal Helpline and Casework Service and Training is, unless otherwise agreed in writing, due in whole prior to commencement of such services. Where direct debit payments are agreed then an initial down payment will be required prior to commencement of such services and then subsequent staged pre-payments on an agreed monthly basis (or over such other periods as may be agreed in writing by special arrangement).

Payment for stationery / warranty items is generally due upon delivery. In the case of products customised for the intended purchaser an initial part-payment will be required to cover administration and artwork preparation costs. In the event of cancellation of such a customised order by the intended purchaser the part-payment will be forfeited.

Credit terms for payment will be as detailed on the invoice, and, unless agreed otherwise will be 7 days from the date of the invoice. In the case of late payment beyond notified credit terms, Lawgistics will exercise its statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation, and Lawgistics may, in such circumstances, suspend performance of its services until payment is received in full including any interest due.

Unless indicated otherwise all prices quoted will be subject to VAT at the current prescribed rate, on the date of purchase.