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Using Chemical Products in MVR Safely

Risk Assessments should be performed before using any chemical product. You may need expert help. People and the environment can be harmed through improper use products used by the MVR industry.

• Always read and understand the instructions on the label and in any leaflet supplied with the product. Failure to follow these instructions may be an offence and could lead to prosecution.

• Follow the advice in the statutory Approved Code of Practice in the COSHH Regulations and the Manufacturers / Suppliers publications when using chemical products. it reveals how to store,
handle, use and dispose of chemical and products and the associated waste properly.

• Make sure your employees use any Personal Protective Equipment identified in these instructions.

• Do not eat, drink or smoke when working with chemical products.

• Wash off splashes from the skin and clothing immediately, and wash before eating, drinking, smoking or taking a rest break.

• Do not use faulty application equipment.

• Do not overfill containers and secure all caps and lids before use.

• Keep a record of all chemical products used.

Author: Ernie Taylor

Published: 19 Sep 2016

Edited: 19 Sep 2016


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