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Awareness of the Health and Safety Legislation

Every workplace must adhere to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is wise to read this so you are fully aware of all of your duties under the Act and of additional rules that apply in MVR. The Act is divided into sections, but it is a good idea to read through thoroughly and then pick out the specific areas that apply to you as an employer and to your business. This will ensure you are following all the required Health and Safety rules and regulations relevant to your business.

The UK law states that all work equipment (machinery included) must be suitable for the task. It should be properly maintained, stable and with dangerous parts safeguarded. Proper training and information should also be available for each item. Stop controls – including emergency stops – should also be included.

Author: Ernie Taylor

Published: 19 Sep 2016

Edited: 19 Sep 2016


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