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Why Employees join Trade Unions

Employers should consider using their best endeavours to agree voluntary collective bargaining arrangements if there is good evidence to suggest substantial trade union support in the company or part of the company. These can be much more flexible and generate a positive approach to industrial relations in the future.

The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service, or an industry’s own dispute procedure (like the Retail Motor Industry’s Procedure) where it exists, can be used to help with a settlement.

It is probably in the employer’s interest to encourage large bargaining units due to the stringent balloting requirements unions have to overcome. Unions will try to identify small areas as the bargaining unit for the same reason.

Research evidence suggests that one very important reason why employees join trade unions is that communications between management and the workforce are poor. It is not, therefore, a good idea to bring in management consultants to “persuade” employees to reject a union.

Published: 03 Jun 2011


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