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Jury Service

All men and women between the ages of 18 and 70 (other than those disqualified or exempted) who comply with certain prescribed conditions laid down by the Juries Act 1974 (as amended by the Criminal Justice Act 1988) are liable for jury service.

The exemptions relate to previous convictions and special occupations. The employer or employee can ask for deferment or postponement in exceptional circumstances e.g. playing a key role in the organisation.

It is in the employer’s discretion whether or not they pay the employee for the time-off. The employee can, however, claim for travelling, subsistence and financial loss allowances.
Employees whose earnings during jury service fall below the National Insurance lower earnings limit are entitled to National Insurance contributions credits equal to the lower earnings limit then in force for each week or part of a week of jury service. Payments from the Court in the form of financial loss allowance etc are not counted as earnings.

Relevant employees must claim these credits (in writing) from the local social security office before the end of the benefit year (January to January) immediately following the tax year in which the period fell.

Married women and widows entitled to pay reduced rate National Insurance contributions are not entitled to credits for jury service.


Published: 27 May 2011


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