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How to Conduct a Grievance Hearing

Managers should be trained in their use and employees should be given information on how grievances should be handled.

An employee must inform the employer of the grievance in writing, if they are to use it as a basis for an employment tribunal application. Following this first step the second step is for the employer to invite the employee to a meeting and remind the employee that they can be accompanied by a work colleague or trade union official.

The invitation should be within 28 days of receiving the grievance. After the hearing the employee should be given the decision in writing and advised of their right to appeal. If the employee wishes to appeal it is appropriate to hold the appeal with a more senior manager. Again the employee should be advised of the right to be accompanied. The appeal decision should be given to the employee in writing.

It should be noted that Employment Tribunals can adjust compensation awards by between 10 and 50% for failure by either party to adhere to the 3 step procedure.

Published: 27 May 2011


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