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Dismissals, Redundancies and Other Unfavourable Treatment of Employees

a) Care is taken that members of one sex are not disciplined or dismissed for performance or behaviour which would be overlooked or condoned in the other sex;

b) Redundancy procedures affecting a group of employees predominantly of one sex should be reviewed, so as to remove any effects, which could be disproportionate and unjustifiable;

c) Conditions of access to voluntary redundancy benefit should be made available on equal terms to male and female employees in the same or not materially different circumstances;

d) Where there is down-grading or short-time working (for example, owing to a change in the nature or volume of an employer’s business) the arrangements should not unlawfully discriminate on the ground of sex;

e) All reasonably practical steps should be taken to ensure that a standard of conduct or behaviour is observed which prevents members of either sex from being intimidated, harassed or otherwise subjected to unfavourable treatment on the ground of their sex.

Published: 25 May 2011


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