How does the employee inform me that they want to take leave?

a. The mother must first give notice that they wish to end any maternity or adoption leave they are currently undertaking. This must be given at least 8 weeks before any pre agreed date of return. N.B - A partner can take a period of SPL whilst the mother or adopter is still on maternity or adoption leave, providing they agree to reduce their current period of leave to accommodate for the SPL.

b. Alternatively, the employee must serve a curtailment notice to end their current leave, and notify the employer that they wish to opt into shared parental leave. This means that shared parental leave can commence one day after the end of the two week compulsory leave period, the mother must take following the child’s birth.

c. If leave is not to be taken immediately following the above two week period, a curtailment notice must be served 8 weeks before the end of the partners leave period. The partner must have returned to work before this period of leave begins.

d. To accompany any notice to opt into SPL, each parent must present to the employer a notice of entitlement to affirm theirs and their partner’s entitlement to leave.