Who is eligible to claim this leave?

There are number of eligibility criteria here;

a. For a mother to claim SPL she must;

  • Be entitled to claim maternity or adoption leave i.e have been continuously employed  for the Company for 26 weeks calculated as at the 15th week before the baby is due to be born, or, in respect of an adopted child, calculated as at the week in which the adopter is notified of having been matched with the child for adoption.

  • Have a partner whom will share the parental responsibility with.

  • Have given notice to their employer that they want to reduce or curtail their maternity or adoption leave.

b. In the case of the partner of the mother or adopter;

  • They must be the mother’s or adopter’s partner at the date of the child’s birth or placement for adoption and share the main responsibility for the care of the child with the child’s mother or adopter.

  • They can only take leave if the mother or adopter is already entitled to Maternity or Adoption Leave.

  • They must be an employee in continuous employment with the Company until the week before the period of leave is to be taken.