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When the Car Salesperson Gets It Wrong

Even though you establish endless precautions it always seems that you are at the mercy of your newest recruit. Whatever they say, whatever they do, commits you. You are responsible.

You may train them, give them clear written instructions, check their work BUT you cannot be with them all the time. If they exaggerate, embellish the facts, guess, open their mouths before engaging their brains, you are liable.

But not all salespeople are like that. Your staff may be well trained honest and truthful, taking great care and thought in all that they do.

You are still vulnerable, for, as we all know, it's not always what is said that causes the problem, but what is heard, or chosen to be heard, or understood by the customer that forms the basis of an allegation.

Whatever the system there is always a weakest link. That link is often the verbal communication between your Salespeople and Customer.

It is because of this vulnerability that Lawgistics have constructed and can provide for you a comprehensive Stautory Legal Defence programme designed to reduce your risk and exposure to a minimum. Contact Lawgistics for further details.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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