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Vehicle Identification Badges: Areas of Caution

One particular danger area, which you should constantly check, is that of incorrect badging.

It is not unknown for customers to 'virtually upgrade' their vehicle by the addition of a badge indicating 'GLX' 'SRi' 'TURBO' or other specific models. 

Clearly such a description is inaccurate and would constitute an offence if you offered it for sale with the badge still affixed.

It does not matter whether or not you are aware of the true model, if you have not spotted the badge, and/or removed it, the vehicle misdescribes itself. You do not have to say anything.

It is essential that EVERY vehicle taken in for eventual resale should be checked to ensure its badging and other markings are consistent with its registered description.

In exactly the same way, other features should also be checked. In particular, although the list is not exhaustive;

- The engine capacity

- Appropriate specifications eg ABS, Air Conditioning

- Insurance Group

- Chassis No

- Additional features - radio, CD etc

- Mechanical Condition

- Vehicle roadworthiness

Author: David Combes

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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