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Vehicle Classification: What Customers Need to Know

It is not unknown for a vehicle to be manufactured and then to be stock piled and eventually sold at a later date. The vehicle may legitimately be described as 'new' although it may not be to the latest vehicle specification. Such transactions present problems of which you need to be aware.

By describing the vehicle as new, without further qualification, it is reasonable for the prospective purchaser to assume that the vehicle is of the latest specification. 

 If it transpires that that is not the case, then they may have a civil claim and the Company be liable for prosecution for misleading claims.

To avoid this situation all descriptions of 'new' should be qualified by either stating the model or year or detailing the vehicle specifications, which are absent. This will be of particular importance to vehicle importers.

Where a vehicle has been first registered in the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland and then reregistered in the UK, merely stating that the vehicle was first registered in the UK on a specific date will be considered misleading. 

You must additionally state that it had previously been registered and indicate where.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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