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The Selling Price of Cars

The Price Marking Amendment Order 2009 requires that for a trader anything that is for sale must be marked with its selling price which is defined as 'the final price for a unit of a product, or a given quantity of a product , including VAT and all other fares'.

Essentially anything that is displayed for sale must have its final selling price marked on it. In the case of the selling price of cars, this must include the delivery charge. If it is described as an 'on the road price' it must include at least 6 months road tax.

The requirements also extend to advertisements which encourage a customer to buy from the advertisement catalogues, price lists, containers and labels. Several products including most foods need to have a unit price marked. 

At motor retailing and garage sites the following may apply:

Product Unit per price

Oil (for vehicles) litre

Other lube oils 100ml

Coal 50kg

The selling price markings must be:

a) unambiguous, easily identifiable and clearly legible

b) close to the product

c) available to view without assistance

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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