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The Fast and Multi Tracks

The Fast and Multi tracks (for claims over £10,000 in value) are a different beast to the Small Claims Track. Whereas the Small Claim Track is, allegedly, designed for people to use without the help of a legally trained person, the Fast and Multi Tracks not only mean more complicated procedures but the cost implications can be huge, especially for the losing Party.

There is no free mediation with these Tracks.

The court will tightly manage the timetable and give directions for legal processes such as disclosure, whereby both Parties are required to list all the documents they hold in relation to the case.

These cases can go on over many months, even years due to their complexity. Costs is a big issue, even more so following the ruling in Mitchell (aka Plebgate) which was the first high profile case to feel the effects of the 2013 Jackson legal reforms. Although this was a case about who said what to whom at the gate of Downing Street, the real issue for lawyers was a ruling on costs which, in a nutshell, leaves Parties open to very costly sanctions for missing deadlines.

The moral of the story, aside from perhaps not telling porkies to The Sun about what a Government Minster may have called you [edit: apparently no porkies were told, as a high court judge has since decided that the police office lacked the wit or imagination to make it up – ouch!], is that if you find yourself on the end of claim of over £10,000, seek legal advice very quickly.

Author: Nona Bowkis

Published: 10 Mar 2011


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