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Step 9 - Data breaches

You do need to ensure you properly protect peoples data and can identify a data breach. Paper invoices and the like should be kept in files out of the way of public and you should review the security of your IT systems to ensure only the right people can access certain data. If your marketing database of 10,000 customer details is hacked, you will almost certainly have a duty to advise the ICO within 72 hours of discovering the breach.  Failure to report a breach can mean a fine up to 10 million Euros. Talk Talk were recently fined £100,000 by the ICO following the personal details of 21,000 customers being leaked into the public domain by hackers and so do talk to your IT bods to make sure you have adequate provision in place to prevent a similar attack. 

Published: 11 Aug 2017

Edited: 30 Nov 1999


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