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Step 7 - Consent

This is a big part of the GDPR which has set a high standard for consent. I am sure we are all fed up with the relentless calls from PPI and car accident claims companies. Just where did they get our contact details?

Consent has to be specific (you can’t say we will pass your details on to interested third parties, you will now have to name those third parties and get specific consent for each type of processing activity). It has to be granular (not a one size fits all consent), clear, prominent (made separately to other T&Cs), opt-in (no pre ticked opt-in boxes), properly documented (you will need to evidence where and how the individual gave consent) and easily withdrawn (you must tell people how to withdraw consent) .  

Click here for a handy consent checklist

Published: 11 Aug 2017

Edited: 30 Nov 1999


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