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Overview of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

The Trade Descriptions Act 1968 has been superseded by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (the CPR's) in June 2008.

The regulations prohibit unfair business practices and sets out what is considered to be one, namely:

(i) False or Misleading Actions
- Providing false information
- Providing false or deceptive statements
- Providing false or deceptive advertisements 

(ii) Misleading Omissions 

- Giving insufficient or partial information to consumers
- Hiding or failing to relay important information
(iii) Aggressive business practices

- High pressure sales
- Using threatening and / or abusive language
- Intimidation
(iv) Breaching Trade Practices of Diligence

-Failing to deal with complaints in an honest, fair and reasonable way
- Refusing to deal with a customer complaint / issue
- Failing to carry out pre-sale checks
(v) Using a 'banned' practice

- There are 31 banned practices set out in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation guidelines.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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