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Where the business is a Company then the provisions are slightly different in that company documents must bear the Company name, Place and Registration No. of the Company together with the Registered office address.

There is also a requirement that the Trade Name and Registered Office must be displayed outside the premises. Individual Directors names are not required, however, if one name is disclosed then all must be disclosed. 

If in addition to the information required and detailed above, you wish to use a trade name on any stationery, documentation, advertisement, promotional material or displayed within the premises then that trade name must also appear on your Consumer Credit Licence.

If you have not asked for and had approved the trade name you want to use then its use may lead to a prosecution for unlicensed trading and additionally result in all your deals being classed as unenforceable agreements.
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It is important that all your company documents are reviewed to ensure that they comply with the Unfair Contract Terms Regulations and does not contain any hidden clauses or small print that will render all company documents illegal and leave you vulnerable for an injunction or an enquiry by the Office of Fair Trading.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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