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How do I make a court claim for money?

There are two ways to make a claim - on paper or online.

Online claims are made via Money Claim Online (MCOL) and paper claims are made on an N1 form and sent to the County Court Money Claims Centre (CCMCC) in Salford.

Online claims are slightly cheaper: A small claim for a value of between £1500 - £3000 will cost £105 to issue online as opposed to £115 to issue on a paper N1.

You will need to complete all the details of yourself as the Claimant and the other party as the Defendant. You will also need to provide details of what you are claiming and also the particulars of your claim. Interest can be added to your claim if the standard wording is added to your form.
Once you have sent/submitted your claim form, the court will ‘serve’ the form on the other side by sending it to them with a response pack by first class post.

You then sit and wait to see if the other side respond. They may ignore the paperwork in which case you can apply for a default judgment after 14 days or they may admit the claim and agree to pay or may deny the claim and send in a defence.

If the claim is defended, a directions questionnaire is sent to both parties and at this stage you can both agree to mediation which is designed to bring an early resolution and avoid the extra time and energy involved in a court hearing.

If no agreement can be reached and the claim proceeds to a hearing, you as the Claimant will need to pay a hearing fee which, in the small clams track, can be up to £335.

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Author: Nona Bowkis

Published: 10 Mar 2011


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