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Defamation on the Internet - Customer Reviews, Blogs and Forums

It has become very common for a disgruntled customer to put disparaging remarks about a garage on a review website, blog or forum.

Whilst a person is free to express their opinion they are not entitled to put untruths or comments that tend to lower the dealerís reputation in the estimation of right minded people.

You cannot take action if the comments are true or fair comment but if they are not then action can be taken.

If the comments appear on a website then an approach to the website provider can have them immediately removed because the provider is equally implicated and will have a responsibility to act.

The problem remains that the comments have been published and although they can be removed suing is expensive and even if you win, damages may be small and if the person has no funds then you may receive nothing and have considerable damages of your own.

Published: 08 Mar 2011


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