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Declaring Registered Keepers 

The number of previous owners is a particular danger area which many dealers inadvertently fall within. The following matters, although simple and perhaps obvious, do cause problems.

The V5 registration document records the current keeper and the number of previous keepers. Always remember that when asked how many keepers the vehicle has had you MUST add the current keeper to the number of previous keepers.

- A Driving School vehicle or hire vehicle may have only one keeper but several drivers. In the light of the cases that have been before the courts and in breach of the regulations, it would be wise to indicate to a prospective purchaser the use to which the vehicle has been put.

- The vehicle may have been pre registered, or it may be your policy to register the vehicle in the Company's name for taxing or some other purpose. When the vehicle is then supplied to the first purchaser the vehicle may already be a one keeper vehicle, the first keeper being you.

Remember although you talk about ownership you really mean registered keeper because, of course, the vehicle may have any number of owners who are not personally keepers e.g. the manufacturer, or even you, before you sell it. The V5 records keepers not owners.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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