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Car Service Schedules

If a service is carried out and either a menu service sheet is completed or it is described as a 'Toyota Corolla 10000 mile service' then it becomes a descriptive statement.

If it is wrong then it is a false or deceptive statement and would be in breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 .

If you put a stamp in a book and it is false it is an offence. If you enter it on an invoice it is another offence. If you have advertised it or verbally described it to the customer they are all offences.

The law on this is strict. You do not have to know it is wrong. You can in fact believe it to be accurate. It is simply a question of fact. If it is wrong you have committed an offence.

If you actually falsified  service records e.g. by stamping up a duplicate book then the act of incorporating the stamp or record is creating a deceptive statement and is an offence.

If you give a vehicle back to a customer with an incorrect service record, that you are not aware of, then you also commit an offence.

The difference in the two scenarios would be the penalty imposed. In the first case (falsifying a service record) the fine would be nearer to the maximum (currently £5000 at the time of publication) or even a prison sentence. In the latter case the fine is likely to be less.

Published: 16 Mar 2011


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