The Consumer Rights Act 2015 and managing your customers expectations...

Over the past few years the expectations of the UK consumer have dramatically increased

Too many consumers today expect not only that a used vehicle will be as good as new, but that they will also receive the very best in customer service when an issue or fault occurs.

With the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the often unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of customers, you need something that spells out in simple terms what the law means for the consumer, explains what they can expect from you the trader and what they should do if an issue or problem arises.

For example, many consumers wrongly believe that if a fault occurs in the first six months after purchase it is automatically the trader’s responsibility. This belief extends to service items like lightbulbs, tyres etc and does not take into account vehicle age, mileage, price paid, discounts negotiated or wear and tear.

As the legal firm to the motor trade, Lawgistics deal with every type of dispute and understand that many complaints are caused by the ill-informed and unreasonable expectations of the customer.

We believe that if the customer is better informed of their legal rights when they purchase a vehicle,they will be more reasonable when it comes to resolving any problems that may arise.

Lawgistics offer the following solution

We have produced a handbook to help your customers understand the service they will receive when purchasing a used vehicle. We recommend the handbook be given to every customer as it is good practice to inform your customers at the point of sale what they may be legally entitled to.

The booklet will help you comply with the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 and if you have a Consumer Credit Licence, it will also help you comply with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Requirements. The booklet will inform your customer what to do if there is an issue with the vehicle, how and where to complain and give details of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Providers which you must now provide by law.

What the handbook covers...
  • Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Short Term Right to Reject
  • First Tier Remedies
  • Second Tier Remedies
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Claims and Complaints Procedure
  • Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
  • Deposits
  • Buying on Conditional Sale or Hire Purchase

This handbook has been produced in response to the changes in legislation due to the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 and feedback from our members.

It is good practice to inform your customers of their legal rights and give them a detailed complaints procedure to follow. The handbook will aid your compliance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, ADR Regulations and the FOS Requirements whilst informing your customer of what they can expect legally when purchasing a used vehicle.

You the trader will also have access to our Legal Advice Helpline, allowing you to check and understand your legal responsibilities during and after the sales process. The Booklet and the Legal Advice Helpline will help you to achieve a satisfactory resolution with your customer should any problems arise.